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Coloured Eye Contact Lenses - Pentagram On White 
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Product Information

Eyecasions cosmetic contact lenses come with over 25 years experience in the development and manufacture of contact lenses.

These contact lenses are manufactured to ISO9000:2000 quality standards for your comfort and safety.

With a range of designs and colours - from Zombie to feline, to a deep blue, or even a vivid violet - the choice is entirely up to you.

And thanks to their great technology, even dark brown eyes can be transformed to misty gray or tantalising green.

Eyecasions cosmetic lenses are designed for 30 day wear, and should be discarded after this time.

All Eyecasions cosmetic lenses are made and tested to ensure that they meet demanding standards. This commitment to excellence affords the highest levels of wear-ability, ensuring absolute comfort, everyday.


Product Details

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to change the colour of my eyes?

Nothing could be easier. Eyecasions cosmetic contact lenses are soft, comfortable and easy to wear. The suitability is dependant on the original eye colour and skin tone. Even the darkest eyes can be transformed. They are affordable, so for the best results try a range of colours and/or designs that suit you.

How comfortable are they?

Advanced British manufacturing technology and stringent quality ensure comfort at all times. Eyecasion cosmetic contact lenses are a product of British innovation at its best.

How do I care for my lenses?

Always follow the instructions on product leaflets and labels regarding wearing and care of your contact lenses. Your eyes are precious so NEVER share your contact lenses with anyone else.

. Remember to replace your contact lenses regularly

. Never use tap water to clean or rinse your lenses

Do I need wetting drops?

Eyecasions recommend Herbal Choice Eye Drops to wet and lubricate the eye to ennsure comfort.

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